PAWA 774

It is widely accepted that the use of fossil fuels like petroleum and coal in the generation of electricity has contributed to an increase in greenhouse gases (GHGs) – mainly carbon dioxide and methane – in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Global governments and the general public now believe that the increase in GHGs is the cause of climate change, which is having adverse effects on our environment.

Home to some of the poorest populations in the world, Africa is disproportionately affected by the effects of climate change – the Sahara desert is encroaching on areas that have never known drought, and diseases such as malaria and cholera are already on the rise.

Unlocking Africa’s Renewable Energy Potential

Using renewable energy sources is one way that we can fight back against the effects of climate change. Sunlight, water, wind and waste resources abound in Nigeria, and are far cheaper to utilize than oil products because, once the harnessing infrastructure has been built, the resources themselves are – for the most part – free. This means that we can keep the cost of generating electricity way down, so that power is more affordable for the greater public.

Our dream at PAWA 774 is to create a Nigeria where intermittent power cuts are a thing of the past. Renewable energy is the way to get us there while protecting our environment from the bleak harshness of climate change.