PAWA 774

Our partners have an important part to play in building Nigeria’s brighter, naturally powered future. Whether you are a large corporation, a small business or an individual, as a PAWA 774 partner, you form part of the economic anchor of any community where we work.

We invite all interested parties to contribute directly to the development of Nigeria’s 774 local government areas under one of four partnership models.

PAWA Core Partners
Our core partners have entered into an off-taker frame agreement with PAWA 774 that will enable them purchase power directly from the community power plant for their outlined needs. Contact us for more information about core partnerships.

PAWA Franchises
PAWA 774 franchise partnerships form the centre of our electricity distribution model. PAWA franchisees are the community power business owners responsible for the capital expenditure for building the power plant as well as managing and maintaining the power distribution, from the local plant to individual homes and businesses. Learn more.

PAWA CSR Partners
Under PAWA 774’s Adopt A Community programme, corporate partners will be able to support the socio-economic development of their adopted LGAs by providing direct CSR funding for that community’s sustainable power plants. Click here to find out more.

PAWA Delivery Partners
Our delivery partners service the PAWA 774 project directly and fall under two categories:

  • Vendors and consultants, who provide infrastructure and services directly to PAWA 774. PAWA 774 employs a vigorous selection process to ensure that our vendors and consultants are the best available for the job. To become a vendor or consultant, click here.
  • Financiers, who lend capital resources at competitive interest rates to PAWA 774 franchisees and the community, for the development of their power infrastructure. Contact us for more information about becoming a financial partner.