PAWA 774

PAWA 774 is committed to bringing measurable growth to the communities in which we operate. We have outlined four main goals against which we plan to measure the progress of our project.

We plan to build and operate a 10-megawatt renewable power plant in each LGA. When our project is complete, we will have a minimum of 8 gigawatts, combined, in all 774 LGAs.

We aim to train able-bodied Nigerians and create 1,320 clean energy jobs in each LGA. This means, by the end of our project, we will have created jobs for over one million people throughout Nigeria.

In order to further our goal of building sustainable local economies, we are committed to creating community power companies under our franchise initiative in each LGA. Each franchised company will integrate the community ensuring the community has an equity stake in its respective company.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We have heard it said that no man is an island. PAWA 774 takes that adage a step further, declaring that no community can, nor should it, stand alone. We have provided an “adoption model” which allows corporate partners to provide direct CSR funding to build the renewable power plant for a community of their choosing.

See how we match up against our goals.