PAWA 774

We’re not currently hiring, but read on to learn about PAWA 774 training.

PAWA 774 offers intensive training in the fundamentals and practical knowledge of running renewable energy systems. As a PAWA 774 trainee, you will learn to design, produce, install, operate, maintain and manage community power plants for the electrical energy needs of:

-       residential homes
-       commercial buildings
-       public/private institutions
-       public spaces

At the end of the training sessions, the typical trainee will be employable in the emerging renewable energy sector. The ultimate trainee will be one of the foot soldiers in PAWA 774’s rebuilding of Nigeria’s dilapidated power infrastructure.

You may explore the links below to find out more about the positions we typically offer at our franchises.  Kindly contact for more information.

Account Officer

Commercial Manager

Customer Service Officer

Financial Controller

General Manager

Head, Technical Operations

Sales Officer

Technical Officer